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Do the names Erover, MonoRover, Hkcube, Fotowelt, RV77, Smart Gear, Amorus, Cellot, Speedway, IO Hawk, Chic or Moonet spring to mind?


Self Balancing Scooter

If you’ve been engaged in any sort of social media in the past few months, then you would have seen the new craze taking off in personal transportation devices.  It all started when The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallow with Jamie Foxx aired back in May 2015.  Jamie Foxx entered the stage on a self balancing scooter called the PhunkeeDuck Personal Transportation Device, and ever since then, all sorts of personal scooters have hit the market.

Ranging from two wheel self balancing scooters, right through to powered skateboards such as the Boosted Board, personal transportation devices are being ever more popular.  There are plenty of YouTubers getting in on the action too,  Roman Atwood, Ben Schmake and Vitaly have all got self balancing scooters, and Casey Neistat seems to have them all.  Self balancing scooters, Boosted Boards and even powered unicycles – if there’s a personal transportation device out there, Casey will have it.

Here at Personal Scooters, we want to give you all the best information on every type of personal transportation device there is.  There are plenty of them on the market, and the media are covering them in the masses as they’re extremely fun and exciting to use.  Not only that, they’re fairly portable however since they are a mode of transport, they will rarely be in your bag.

What is a Hoverboard?

Personal transportation devices are a mode of getting from A to B in an unconventional way.  Forget your bike, put down your car keys and leave public transport to everyone else, the personal transportation device is the way to get about.   They come in a range of different products however the most common ones are self balancing boards, self balancing scooters, mini segways, hoverboards, powered skateboard and powered unicycles.  There isn’t really a product group for these, but we’re branding them Personal Scooters or Personal Transporters.

If you’re after information on the best self balancing scooter, then be sure to check out our reviews page.  We’ve got lots of information on all the different makes, as well as where to find a cheap self balancing scooter.

These personal transporters are all battery powered devices that are either controlled by a remote like the Boosted Board, or are controlled by the balance of your body.  Learning to ride them can be an interesting few minutes, so don’t forget to check out our recommended accessories to keep yourself safe.  When I first got my self balancing scooter, I fell off a few times but don’t let this put you off.  After a few minutes, I got the hang of it and had a lot of fun.  As for the Boosted Board, make sure you keep it in beginner mode until you’ve got the hang on it, however we’ll cover this in more detail in our separate reviews.